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You are THE HOMESTUCK FANDOM, and you won’t judge the other fandoms for judging you. You agree with them, really. You should just disappear. That would be better for everyone.

You are the HOMESTUCK FANDOM. These past few months, you’ve made a lot of friends, and regardless of what everyone else thinks, you decide to hold on to the faint possibility that people might be able to like you along with everyone else.

It’s back Homestucks.

(Source: blueyagi)

Feel free to ask

  • January:


  • February:


  • March:

    favourite colour

  • April:

    favourite hair colour & favourite

  • eye colour

  • May:

    favourite manga & favourite anime

  • June:

    favourite book

  • July:

    favourite song/band

  • August:

    crush names

  • September:

    instruments I play/ want to play

  • October:

    favourite game

  • November:

    if I changed my name, what would it be

  • December:

    random fact about me :)

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